Why MumiPro?


By 2018 diets for organic husbandry in EU must be 100% organically produced and currently Denmark will not be able to cover the organic protein demand, unless new sources are developed. This is critical as organic husbandry is producing to a growing market and the Danish association of organic farmers is expressing the need to develop new protein sources.

Further, in Denmark it has been politically decided that marine mitigation measures are to be developed in order to potentially be an integrated part of third generation water management plans by 2021.


The overall objective of MuMiPro is to create a new way of growing mussels with a dual purpose: To create a new business area in Denmark by producing animal protein feed ingredients for organic husbandry and improve the marine environment by mitigating eutrophication effects through harvest of mussels.


The specific goals of MuMiPro are: 

  • to develop methods for producing large amounts of mussel biomass cost effectively.
  • to develop low cost methods to process mussels into meal and silage.
  • to test the nutritional value of mussel products as feedstuff for piglets and poultry.
  • to assess the potential of mussel farming to mitigate effects of eutrophication in Danish waters.
  • to develop tools for management of payment of ecosystem services.



23 MARCH 2023