Related project: BONUS OPTIMUS


DTU Aqua also leads the related BONUS-project OPTIMUS and two additional MuMiPro partners are involved in BONUS OPTIMUS.  

The overall goal of BONUS OPTIMUS is to provide robust evidence-based ecological, social, and economic documentation for central Baltic area on optimized use of farmed mussels as a mitigation tool for eutrophication that in turn can be a sustainable protein-rich feedstuff for fish.

MuMiPro has a specific Danish perspective on building a new industry with focus on detailed production and processing methods and business plans aimed at providing feedstuff for organic husbandry of pigs and poultry.

BONUS OPTIMUS is focussed on transfer of mussel production know-how and technology to low saline areas and proof of concept for processing feedstuff to aquaculture. MuMiPro will develop management tools customised to Danish waters whereas BONUS OPTIMUS will develop generic management tools with focus on social acceptance.

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MuMiPro-OPTIMUS interaction

MumiPro-OPTIMUS interaction

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27 MAY 2024