Mussel farming – mitigation and protein source for organic husbandry

MuMiPro aims at developing a new way of growing mussels with a dual purpose: To create a new business area in Denmark by producing animal protein feed ingredients for organic husbandry and at the same time improve the marine environment by mitigating eutrophication effects through harvest of mussels. MuMiPro involves 15 partners including mussel farmers, feed producers and research institutions.

MuMiPro News

9 August 2018
Inspection and Sampling of Test Lines and Pilot Mitigation Farms
2018 test lines and farms have been sampled for biomass, positive recruitment and growth was observed at all sites. 
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10 May 2018
Mussel meal in feed for organic egg laying hens ready to start
The mussel meals are produced and feed formulations have been prepared for organic poultry.

8-18 May 2018
Single test lines in various Danish Fjords
Egon P. has left Nykøbing Mors for a two-week tour around the East Coast of Denmark to set up test lines in various fjords around Denmark

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