Deliverables from MuMiPro

Work packages

MuMiPro is organised in six work packages. 
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Selected MuMiPro deliverabels 

Selected deliverabels from each MuMiPro work packages is listed below.

Work package 1: Mussel production

  • Delivery of minimum 200 t of mussel for meal/silage production
  • Datareport for cost-efficiency analysis
  • Assessment of optimal stocking density of mussels

Work package 2: Mussel processing 

  • Manual for best-practice of mussel mitigation cultures
  • Specifications report on production of standard quality meal and silage
  • Products (meal and silage) ready for use in work package 4
    Mussel oil ready (to be used by Engredo (partner)

Work package 3: Mitigation potential 

  • Technical report on production of high-quality meal and oil
  • Marked analysis: potential, legality demands, "go to marked" strategy
  • Estimates on production potentials in different sites
  • Map showing location suitability for mitigation cultures
  • Map showing nutrient removal potential

Work package 4: Feeding test

  • Documentation/manual on site selection tool
  • Feeding recommendations of mussels for organic piglet production
  • Feeding recommendations of mussels for organic egg production
  • Scientific reporting of mussel silage effect on feed intake of piglets
  • Scientific reporting of mussel effect on egg quality

Work package 5: Business plans

  • Prototype and documentation of business model test software
  • Mitigation price functions to be used for modelling credit trading
  • National scale mitigation management tool documented

Work package 6: Project management

  • Value assessment disseminated to stakeholdes
12 JULY 2024